About IGD expo

What is the Expo About/Purpose?

IGD Expo doesn’t just have one purpose, but many. We want to support independent game developers by giving them a way to get their name out to the public. We want to provide a fun, family friendly atmosphere where the fans can come and have a great time playing games they have never played before and even being able to buy some of them! Finally we are also wanting to support local independent business by bringing local vendors and artists to the expo. So I guess you could say that our purpose is to bring all the aspects that we loved of cons to one place, all the while supporting local and independent developers and businesses. The result being a fun and exciting place where you can game out all day and have a great experience meeting like minded gamers while trying out games made by local and independent developers.

Why is this Different from other Cons?

The main difference between this con and every other con is the interactivity! Yes, there will be local vendors and artists, but there is also the ability to go to any game table, sit down and start playing. It doesn’t cost any money, these developers are happy to get more people hooked on their great games! At IGD Expo, we are spotlighting our independent developers and want their games to be the center of attention.

Why should I care?

You should care because by supporting IGD Expo, and coming to this event, you will be supporting local and independent developers and businesses. You get a lot more “bang for your buck” because of the wide array of activities available to enjoy. You can play the games and have a great time for only the cost of admittance! If you enjoy it enough, you might just be able to buy it! If you do feel like spending some money, there will be some great vendors with great deals and unique items being offered.

What can I do there?

There will be so many things to do at IGD Expo. There will be an Independent Video Game Developers Demo Area where you can go and see so many great games made by local independent developers. There will also be an Independent Tabletop Game Demo Area devoted to tabletop games, like dice games, board games, card games, Role-Playing Tabletop Games, and more! All of these games are made by independent developers. In addition to the Demo Areas, there will also be panels by the game developers where you can hear a lot of interesting facts about their game and the making of it. There will also be workshops where you will be able to make cosplay items, dicebags, creative writing, and more! There will be vendors and talented artists with great deals on their goods! Two days may not be enough time to do everything IGD Expo has to offer!

What will I see there?

You will see all kinds of unique wares and art, as well as tons of video games and tabletop games that you have probably never played before! You will see game developers talk about their games and how they made them as well as hands-on craft workshops of nerdy design! You will see cosplay and we encourage you to bring yours too! But most importantly, the main thing you will see is all the fun that everyone is having at IGD Expo!


September 15
10am - 8pm
September 16
11am - 6pm


West Monroe Convention Center
901 Ridge Ave,
West Monroe, LA
71291-5267, United States

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