Event schedule

Saturday Events

Braving The Apocalypse

K. B. Kidder


An exploration of apocalyptic style story creation based on science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary story settings. Topics will include: nature of apocalyptic stories, modification of existing storylines to include apocalyptic elements, describing an apocalyptic event from present and past viewpoints, and the role of technology in apocalyptic settings.

Age is Not a Factor

Andrea Lawrence


Andrea is a 4 year veteran of the convention scene and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the industry. Topics: Starting a vendor table, visual appeal and design of table, sources of support and resources, financial concerns, and tax records.

The Art of Woodburning



Tools, materials, and techniques which are commonly used in the creation of unique pieces using this media.

Developing RPGs in a Video Game Format

Jacob Jumper


Jacob will speak on how he used a digital format to bring his vision to life. He will discuss obstacles and solutions in the creation process as well as the benefits and drawbacks of his chosen media. Refer to: http://Aoshima.fragile-heart.com

Independent Publishing: Lone Wolf Approach

Kathleen White, Dark Flame Publishing


Kathleen will speak of her journey through independent publishing, drawing sharp comparisons among the pros and cons of the process.

Cosplay Contest

Spidey-Team and AKA Cosplay and Art


Saturday Workshops

Sewing with Caroline



Basics of sewing designed to help the "do-it-yourself-er" create simple constructions with basic patterns. Project will include the creation of a dice bag with the option to purchase specialty fabric for custom creation.

Writing with Randy

Randy Dupre


Basic module creation will be detailed through a group writing activity. Participants will break apart into small groups to describe a story scene, describe the setting in narrative, and assimulate the individual components to form a larger encounter.

Creating Cosplay Accessories

Zach, Dragon Blossom Cosplay


Participants will create two cosplay pieces: an ordinal scale Augma earpiece and a Naruto Head Band.

Sunday Events

Event Room

Spero Studios: Independent comic book creation, promotion, and distribution

Brandon Gary and Jason Bienvenu


The team will discuss their company's experiences within the independent comic book and action figure industries. Topics will range from story creation, product development and expansion, and Kickstarter promotion tactics.

The Journey from Art to Game Designer

Diego Almazan


Aqua Lungers. Moving from art to game developer. Unity Game Engine

Characterization Through Motion

Earth with Abridged Elements


Illustrating the walk cycle in digital media. Special focus on character motion and body movements in the development of character personality and mood. Examples will span a wide range of animations / games such as side scrolling, realism, first person, 8-bit, etc.

"How to make memes and influence people: Forming creative, collaborative workgroups."

Garrett "Meterstick Jim" Pessink and Savannah "Baphomet" Bronson of Shouting Match Media


Jim and Baph of Shouting Match Media share how to get all your friends in one place and keep creative momentum going by sharing ideas, critique, and of course, memes. The team would like to share their history with individual creativity and sourcing anonymous critique, as well as how small focused creative groups can help propel projects forward. Shouting Match Media have created videos, story settings, and many other things through collaboration and can share stories about times things went well, times when things went bad and what they did to fix them.

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament


$50 plus each $1 from the entry fees all goes right to the winner!

Sunday Events

Workshop Room

The Finishing Touch

Emily, Dragon Blossom Cosplay


Emily will discuss getting into your character through doing makeup and styling your wig. Participants should bring their own makeup and wig.

Writing with Randy

Randy Dupre


A collection of narrative writing excercises designed to give the beginning story creator a structured template from which larger works may be built upon.

Inventing a Language

Robert Stikmanz


The biggest hurdle to creating a new language is getting started. This brisk, “hands on” workshop demonstrates exactly how to do that. Teams working through the guided exercise are presented with tasks and issues basic to every new language project, as well as a model for addressing them. In the process, participants experience a clear, practical approach to essential first steps. From these fundamentals entire worlds may grow. Bring a pencil!

     Each team will:

- construct a new language with five rules of grammar and a vocabulary of 100 words

- compose a short text in their new language

- share the results with the whole group

“Inventing a Language” is designed and led by Robert Stikmanz, whose Dvarsh language has been embraced by fans of both constructed languages and interactive fantasy.

Included here is also a link to the new Pronunciations page on the dvarsh.org website