Creating Your Character: Why It's The Best

Jon Moore
May 4, 2018

We all know the feeling. That sensation when you get a new game and are loading it up to play for the first time. There are few feelings that can beat it. But there is something that just surpasses anything else at that moment. You get past the initial start screen and finally jump into the game, but you must do something first. You must create your character.

Not all characters are created equal 

I have beenplaying games since I was a kid. One of the coolest features and frankly one of the things I enjoy doing the most is creating a character. Sure, it can be a very minute thing in the long run, but the excitement that rushes over me when that creation screen comes up is just the best.

Yes, it doesn’t really matter what your character looks like in the game. And most of the time your character will be covered head to toe in flashy armor and what not (except the hide helmet option that most games include. It’s great.). But it is just about the process of creating the character. It takes me out of reality for a moment and puts me in the shoes of a version of me in a fantasy world. Just for a moment it shuts down the world around me and lets me decide what I want to be. Sometimes the world around you can be a dark and uncertain place. So many things that you don’t have control of can go wrong. It makes you feel vulnerable. And that is an uneasy feeling.

Character Creation is beautiful and funny at the same time.

When I get to create my character it always gives me just a sliver of confidence. I go through the many options. Making my hair super cool and something that is wild. I give my character huge strong arms and make sure he is lean and ready to take on the world. My character can take on anything that comes across his path. When I am just about to finish and hit the complete button, I stop and admire my creation. Not for long, but I scan him over and have just one final thought.

“I can do that”.

It makes me feel like I can be that character, that hero. I know that because I imagined that. I created. That hero is there. It just gives me the inspiration to be more and to look at myself in a different light.

This just makes the entire game that more personal to me. Having the option to create a character and see that creation interact with the world around him is something I will always enjoy. Because a little part of me is there. In that moment. In that world.

It’s just the best.

What are your thoughts?

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