Interview with the Creator of Dimiensional Shift: Adam Blessing

Jon Moore
August 15, 2018
Board Games

Big thanks to Adam for taking the time to do this!

So let’s talk a little about your game. What is it exactly? Can you explain to us how it works?

My game is titled “Dimensional Shift” and it is a 3D racing game that is also played in a 2D space. Imagine “Santorini” meets “Paper Mario” and you get the basic concept. Players can move and place blocks in normal 3D space but then alter their perspective to move as if they were on a 2D plane, allowing platform-based movement across the map. I’ve been fascinated with physics and science in general since I was little and this is my attempt at turning those concepts into a strategy/puzzle game.

What was the inspiration to make a game like this?

My main inspiration came from realizing that very few if any, games utilize this kind of movement mechanic. It has been done in video games but I wanted to see if I could successfully develop this into a board game.

Santorini - IGD Expo
Santorini Board Game

How has the process been? As an indie developer, I am sure there have been the usual ups and downs?

The process has not been without challenges. There have been moments where it felt like I was steamrolling through design and nothing could stop me from getting this accomplished. There have also been a few moments in playtesting where I felt like my rulebook was perfect only to have flaws and confusing concepts illuminated by my testers. I’ve been thankful though to have constructive feedback from people who genuinely want to see this become published.

Let’s switch gears a little. How did you get into becoming an indie game developer? What has been your journey leading up to the expo?

My journey started about two years ago. After growing my tabletop library for a few years, I started to have some ideas I felt would be great in board game form. After a few ideas flopped for one reason or another, I had one idea that made it into a cardboard prototype early last year. After a couple of publishing rejection letters, I was about to start further refining it when both my wife and I felt led by God to give up not only that game but game design completely. As we prayed, we realized there were some concepts that weren’t appropriate (gambling, deception, organized crime) which would ruin my witness as a Christian. So I gave it up completely and deleted all of my concepts, rulebooks, etc. We’re talking clean slate here. Fast forward about 6 months (February 2018). I started to have some new ideas out of nowhere including Dimensional Shift. I ignored it initially because I wanted to be obedient to the Lord but it wouldn’t go away. So, I started to develop the game and felt a peace I can’t describe the process. I’ve been refining it ever since.

Do you plan on developing more board games in the future?

I would love to continue developing games with hopefully “Dimensional Shift” being my first big break. I love coming up with new concepts and I’m already fielding a few new ideas.

What attracted you to the IGD Expo? Have you been to any of conventions to showcase your game?

I was actually at a game store in Monroe, LA and saw a flyer for the Expo. After doing some research and verifying that any level of a game designer was welcome, I signed up to be a vendor. The IGD Expo will be my very first convention not just to showcase my current game, but the first convention I’ve ever been to as a vendor.

For anyone trying to create their own game, can you give them any tips as an indie dev?

My best advice would be to immediately research your idea before doing anything else. I have had quite a few incidents where I thought I had a brilliant game concept and began developing gaming mechanics only to discover either hours or even days later that my brilliant idea already exists in a game I had never heard of. There is a very likely chance that you don’t have an original concept but you may be able to come up with a way to take that concept and successfully launch a truly fun game.

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