Rage Quitting : Caution may cause bodily harm

Dustin Willis
May 16, 2018

“So how did you break your hand?” - Stranger

“Oh, I got mad playing video games and punched my couch.” - Me

Rage Quitting Facts

Rage Quitting is defined by the UrbanDictionary as a verb meaning to angrily abandon an activity or pursuit that has become frustrating, especially the playing of a video game. This is a common act done throughout all types and genres of gaming, heavily seen in the Video Gaming world but that doesn’t mean that board and card games or even tabletop RPG’s are immune from the carnage that is Rage Quitting.

First Recorded Rage Quit


There are many telltale signs of someone developing early stages of Rage Quitting, mostly known as Tilting. No one feels positive after a loss. Trying to ignore the comments in chat saying “git gud” and “gg ez”, or your friend passively reminding you that he is winning with the most Victory Points for the 18th time. Not only is dealing with people hard but when your deck floods your hand with garbage cards or the dice are only rolling natural 1’s, you can get to a point of madness gamers will destroy the very thing they have spent time, money and energy into.

Let’s take a moment for all the games broken, controllers and keyboards smashed, cards ripped and dice thrown for the last time.

Signs That Someone Is Tilting

  • An increase of volume and tone with the occasional sighs, wtf’s and “are you serious!?”
  • They say things like, “Hey man if we lose this game I am going to throw this monitor out this window!” or “I think the dice just don’t want my character to live, so why should they”
  • Most gamers could suffer from maybe one or a few combinations of the following: Twitchy hands or knees, scratching head, tapping of the foot, darting or motionless eye are a few

The Effects of Rage Quitting

There are many ways the game can be ended in a heat of the moment due to losing control of your cool but a few months ago I hit my lowest point in my 20+ gaming career after I broken my right pinky knuckle when I let my mountain of frustration out by recklessly attacking my couch.

The quote at the beginning is one of the many different small conversations I've had with family and friends which then followed with me overly explaining the story and situation so that I didn’t sound crazy. But over time I chilled out and accepted the story for what it was and soon I was wearing it as a badge of honor. I started getting nods of respect from other casual gamers I met or already knew and some even would respond with “wow, that stuff seriously could happen.”

An Early Childhood RageTrigger

I will go ahead and state right now that the conversations were not nearly the worst pain of having my right hand completely useless. I am right handed, web designer, that couldn’t hold a mouse. A human that struggled with putting on clothes and restrain himself to learn how to brush his teeth and wipe with his left hand. But most importantly I was a gamer that couldn’t hold any type of controller or mouse. Try scheduling a board game night with all your friends every night in one week.

My day to day struggle was tough until I decided to play a point and click game that was recommended by a friend called "2064". I will spare you on how much fun I had playing that game with my wife and how I enjoyed the fact it was not a game I typically have ever played or the fact that you should really go buy the game right now.

You can see the exact moment he snaps, also notice the wall before the first hit.

What Experience Was Gained?

My hand eventually became usable again and I have been taking better treatment of my hands since the encounter with the couch. Rage Quitting doesn’t always end in idiotic self-inflicted injuries. For me, I guess I learned a serious lesson, next time I will break the keyboard. At least it wouldn’t be so expensive and it wouldn’t last so long either.

Your Input

I want to hear your stories you have either experienced or heard about Raging Quiting while playing any type of game. Also, let me know if I forgot anything about Rage Quiting in the blog.

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