The Beginning of Something New

Jon Moore
May 2, 2018

The convention atmosphere is something that most gamers can agree on is something special. Walking up to the venue with your buddies, in a crowd of other gaming enthusiasts is just the beginning of the excitement. The moment you scan your pass and walk through those doors, you get teleported to a world made just for you. The building is lined with vendors selling art of your favorite characters, offering early tests of video games, and even getting pictures with you. It is an incredible feeling and one every gamer needs to experience.

However, in certain areas of the country, that experience is few and far between. In a place like the Arklatex (northwest Louisiana, southern Arkansas, and east Texas) these conventions are very rare to occur. It can be frustrating as a gamer to have the itch to go to a convention, to meet other gamers and enjoy the convention but have to travel hours upon hours to get there. The Arklatex is not a central hub of nerd culture by any stretch of the imagination. But that soon could change. It all started with a couple of geeks from Shreveport.

Tabletop gaming is a medium of gaming that is not going away anytime soon. There is something to be said about going to your buddy’s house, sitting around a table with your friends and diving into a  game of D&D. The camaraderie at that moment is something that video games can’t replicate sometimes. There are new tabletop games emerging all the time, offering players something new and fresh. Tortured Earth is a tabletop adventure game created by two guys, Artice and Kenneth. It is still being developed and improved upon as we speak (if you are interested in learning about Tortured Earth you should visit their site).

Check out this interview with Kenneth about Tortured Earth:


Now let’s get to our geeks from Shreveport. Our geeks started their own gaming media group called Port City Games. In which they would provide coverage and commentary about their favorite games. As with any new project, Port City Games was losing steam and soon looking dissolve into nothing. It seemed like PCG may have been a fruitful endeavor. Then the stars aligned.

One year at a local Shreveport convention, our lovable geeks ran into Artice and Kenneth That is where the tables turned. PCG then was given a new breath of life. They went into a frenzy of media coverage, game guide videos and more in the promotion of TE. The guys at PCG even assisted Kenneth and Artice with some of the back end work with the game. Creating a new website and helping with game development. The two groups had made an important connection that would later serve as a basis for the IGD Expo.

Artice and Kenneth both convention hop all the time to promote their game. While the guys over at PCG go to conventions around the Arklatex where they can. But sadly the opportunities are limited to the Shreveport area. This is what sparked the idea. The idea that this convention and the nerd culture that comes with it needs to exist in these surrounding areas. The Arklatex is packed with some very creative people developing video games, tabletop games, art, technology etc. However, there are not a plethora of options to showcase your work in front of people. The internet can alleviate some of that pain, but getting to meet your fans and interacting with your audience in person is important.

IGD Expo

The guys at PCG wanted to create something that gamers want to enjoy. What it really boils down to is actually quite simple and refreshing. Most conventions seem to push the all mighty dollar in its intentions first. That is not what IGD Expo will be about. This new convention is about connection. It is about allowing all of these creative people to meet, mingle and showcase their work. Kenneth said it best:

“The primary goal of IGD Expo is to showcase independent development - games, comics, and writing projects are the primary highlights of this show.”

So what does this mean for the attendee, what does this mean for YOU? Well to put it simply, you wanna come play some games? Come play some games. The IGD Expo will have a ton of things for the attendee to participate in. Of course, cosplay is always welcome and encouraged. There will be tournaments held to get your competitive juices flowing and even some speed running events. At the end of the day, we want everyone in the Shreveport and surrounding areas to experience that convention atmosphere. The IGD Expo wants to be that event in the Arklatex that everyone can go to and enjoy. We want to create a community of nerds. A community of geeks. We hope you can join us on the adventure. So get your controller ready, roll the dice, and shuffle the deck.

Let’s start playing.

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