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Port City Games
August 15, 2018
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Ok guys and gals we have an exciting announcement for you!

Port City Games has donated some classic consoles, board games, and some cool handmade art. Also Our good friends over at Dragons Lair have been kind enough to donate a copy of Gloomhaven! So we have come up with a fun idea to give these items to you...but we are gonna make you work for it.

   This is our official announcement for Vendor Quest! Vendor Quest is a system that will get those attending the IGD Expo to do some questing while they are there! In completing these quests the Questers will get entries to win the before mentioned prizes!

   So the quests. There are going to be 4 quests (we are going to make you wait for the Expo to see what they are :P) that will get you a prize drawing entry for each one you complete, and if you complete all of them, you get an extra entry. That means that the most entries any one person will have is 5...unless you bought a VIP ticket. VIP tickets get you 5 drawing entries in addition to the ones you earn through Vendor Quest.

   So the way its gonna work is each admission or VIP ticket will get you a single quest log. Don’t lose your log! We will not be giving out replacements so it’s the only one you are gonna get! You will then go and complete the quests on the log and have the vendor that you did the quest for sign his name on the allocated spot. After you have finished questing, you will take your quest log and turn it into the IGD Expo info booth, where you will then be rewarded with prize drawing tickets. Take those tickets and write your name and email on them and drop them the jars of the prizes you want. We will have drawings on Saturday 5:30pm, and on Sunday 5pm. You must be present to win and claim your prize.

We will be announcing more prizes and information through our social media outlets so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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