Special Events

Stay Busy All Weekend Long

There are loads of things to do at IGD Expo! Win prizes and even cash, learn some really cool crafts and listen to developers discuss their games! Between that and all the great games to play and shopping, it's gonna be hard to run out of things to do at IGD Expo!

Cosplay Contest

The cosplay contest will be on Saturday, September 15. Cosplay submissions will be accepted as soon as the doors open. Your Host will be Bridgette Rose of Spidey Team and the judges will be Ashley Royer and Rachael Carroll of AKA Cosplay and Art and Alyssa Taranto of Spidey-Team! There will be 5 different winners! One for Facebook Likes, 3 Judges Choice winners, and a Best In Show winner! When you sign up for the contest you will get your picture taken and that picture will be uploaded to IGD Expo's 2018 Cosplay Contest Album, the picture that gets the most likes by 5:00 that night will be our People's Choice winner! Each of the judges will choose their favorite entrant and they will be the Judges Choice winners. Finally the Best in Show will be chosen by all three of the judges as the overall winner! The contest starts at 6 and all the contestants will be able to walk in front of the judges table and strike a quick pose before letting the next contestant go. The contest will cap at 50 entries so sign up when you get in to secure your spot! There will be prizes awarded to all of the winners so put those finishing touches on your outfits and...

Let's Start Cosplaying!

Cosplay Rules

Vendor Quest

Vendor Quest is a fun and engaging system that rewards attendees for doing things that they already would do at the Expo anyways. In your entry packet you will get a quest log that has different quests on it, by doing these quests you will get entries into prize drawings for things like cool hand made art, old school and new school consoles, a Gloomhaven board game, a Tourtured Earth starter set (4 books & a campaign guide), Official IGD Expo Gear, and more! The quests will include things like wearing cosplay, participating in a contest or tournament, demo a game, or buying things from vendors! So grab your adventuring gear and...

Let's Start Questing!

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

The power to win is all in the palm of your hand, so start practicing your best rock paper scissors throwing poses and rise to the top as the RPS Champion! Entry fee is $1. A cash prize starting at $50 will be awarded to the winner and the more people the bigger the pot! Oh and this is some serious stuff people so just remember, you can only throw rock, paper, or scissors, no bear or gun or any of those other homebrew RPS rules...we are doing this by the book!

Let's Start Competing!

Developer Panels

Come listen to game developers discuss many different interesting topics concerning their industry! Learn about greating a game, balancing, and gain all the know-how to be able to dust off your own ideas and do it yourself! You wont want to miss these great panels!

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Craft Workshops

Hands-on craft workshops of the nerdy variety! Dive right in with our hands-on workshops where you can learn to make all sorts of awesome things from dicebags to cosplay pieces to creative writing!

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